Physical Activities And Physical Activity Essay

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1. Behavior:
¬ I would like to increase my physical activity by doing more cardio activities to improve my overall health
2. Describe:
¬ When school started, I set a goal to work out every day after school; however, after my classes are finished each day, I look at my schedule and realize how much homework I have and how little time I have to complete it. Thus, I push back exercising until it is too late and it is time to go to sleep.
¬ I have decided that if I eat extremely healthy throughout the weekdays and set a goal for only one or two cheat meals on the weekends, then I do not have to exercise during the week or at least not as much.
¬ When I do not have homework, work, or have something else to do, I like to do things for myself like watching the TV shows I may have missed during the week when I was busy, or spend time with my boyfriend and family rather than exercise. Also, I do not have enough energy when I do have time to exercise since I have been so busy throughout the rest of the week.
3. Explain:
¬ Identify two Personal Variables:
• Since I am determined to get the best grades possible (P variable), I tend to focus more on my school work than my health. For example, I sometimes forget to eat when I am busy doing homework.
• Since I have always had a fast metabolism (P variable), I tend to stay at a constant weight; thus, it is difficult to develop the drive (6) to exercise.
¬ Identify two Environmental Variables:
• Due to an injury (E variable) I obtained…

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