Photography Laws Surrounding Images Of Children Essay

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Photography Laws Surrounding Imagery of Children

Technology has advanced to a point where images can be taken and uploaded in seconds. 18 million images are being shared every day, as reported by Edwards (2014), which is a staggering amount when thinking of the numerous photos some people are captured in and don’t even know it. Images are an incredible way of marking certain events that happen, and prolonging a memory. This is more important when capturing moments from a child’s life to show them when they are older. While all images of children are harmless, do parents know the laws surrounding images of children, or do most parents believe that taking pictures of children in any situation is illegal?

School life plays a massive part in children’s lives. It is where they learn the most about themselves, learn important life skills and will begin some of their greatest achievements. As much as the certificates and awards can be shown as progress, for many parents a photo can document the moment better than anything else. But to what extent should schools go to protect imagery of children, and should parents be concerned?

Various schools have different rules surrounding photography in the schools, whether it is done professionally or on a more personal basis in which the parents can take their own pictures. Within previous years, with more information surfacing about issues with the images of children being distributed in negative and explicit ways, many schools have no…

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