Photo Elicitation Technique : A Useful Method Of Data Collection On Eating Behavior And Its Potential

1723 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
The current article intends to show photo-elicitation technique (PE) as a useful method of data collection about eating behavior and its potential to add gathered information to other methods usually used to study populations’ dietary intake. According to our findings, through the pictures and the narratives, PE gave information to better understand the participants’ eating behaviors, from the individual to the contextual level. This article also provides information about the opinions that participants have about the use of the technique that can be helpful at the moment of the decision if selecting this method in a research.
The PE was able to gather rich information about participants’ eating behaviors. Participants were able to show and talk about how they were eating. They were specifically able to indicate what kind of food they ate or did not eat, time of meals, social interactions during meals, places where they eat, among others. Johnson, Sharkey, and Dean (2011), in their study using PE about food-related identities of mothers, also reported obtaining information about eating practices. But, the participants’ behaviors were presented as they identified themselves in relation to their eating routine (for example, as a participant indicate: “I’m not much of a creative eater” (p. 223)), and not as a behavior itself. In our study, participants explicitly talked about their eating habits. Besides, the process of taking photographs and commenting about them showed that…

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