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Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Company background 3. Concept 4. Problem area 5. Problem formulation 6. Mission, Vision, Values and Goals 7. Selling prepositions 7.1. USP 7.2. ESP 8. Target group 8.1. Questionnaire 8.2. Target group 9. Marketing Mix 9.1. The four P’s 9.2. PEST analysis 10. Market research 10.1. Mobile subscribers worldwide 10.2. Top mobile markets: The 100 million Club 10.3. Mobile phone shipments 10.4. Mobile device market penetration 10.5. Smartphone shipments by manufacturer 11. Competitors - SWOT on competitors 11.1. Competitors 11.1.1. Direct competitors 11.1.2. Indirect competitors 11.1.3. SWOT analysis on competitors 12. Partners
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One of this devices that has grown a lot of popularity in the past years is the smartphone.

We live in a society where our lives are dependent to electronic devic-

based on locations around the world. The first column represents the amount of months that the users keeps a phone.

regular smartphone is a very compact device which is produced with the idea that it cannot be upgraded, leaving the users with the only choice of buying a new device. A typical smartphone user usually changes its device once every two years. The reason behind this is that the telephone companies offer a two years subscription which include various packages of voice and data and the device is usually sold on a monthly base plan and the user ends up paying for the services and the device. The fee is usually very affordable for the services included. Once the two year subscription expires it can be renewed. This is a new opportunity for the users to sign up for a new contract and upgrade their device. years while in contrast the Finns change their device every six years. The old devices are usually sold, traded or given to friends or family members. The image bellow shows a statistics of how often phones are replaced


Studies show that Americans are changing their phones every two

machinery for the assembly process. This translates into the fact that the device has a very compact and precise interior. The components are hard to be replaced

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