Phl251 Nature of Thought Paper

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Thinking is defined as using thought or rational judgment. The process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something. Thinking is activity of mind. It is mindful work of your own perception and understanding. The critical thinking process starts out with knowledge. All thinking starts with knowledge, whether a little bit or a good understanding of thinking topic. If you can not comprehend what you are thinking about, you cannot think about it effectively. Most of our thinking’s sensory interactive. Thinking can shape the way we sense. Sending for adults is concurrent with thinking. As we sit in class, drive, cook, or even clean; we are sensing with our eyes, ears, and hands. The two most important senses for thinking are …show more content…
Once inside your brain, drugs can change the messages your brain cells are sending to each other, and to the rest of your body. When you do drugs, the memory effect can last at least a year after the drug has been discontinued. Also, these drugs can leave permanent mental damage.

We think with words. We have to understand language so we can think better. Thought is internal and language is external. “Our thinking is confined within the language that is “running” in our brain. Language is the interpretative medium for the input - the remembering, sorting, creating, judging, and deciding - and language also dramatically shapes those processes.” (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007, Chapter 5: Our Thinking Medium). We see things differently because of our language. We see what we partly because of the language that we learn and the background and culture we are from An example of an instance in my life in which my perception was far from the actual fats was when my mother died. My believe was that I would always have my mother even know I know everyone has to die. I was in denial when she became terminally ill. After my mother went through surgery, months of chemo-therapy and radiation, I thought the cancer cells would not spread and she would be cancer free. However, what was really going on was the cancer cells were quickly attacking her body and she grew weaker as the months went by. It was not until my mother was admitted under hospice

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