Phl/215 Philosophy Matrix Essay

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Philosophy Matrix

Field | Definition | Historical Developments | Schools Of Thought | Key Contributors | Principal Issues | Epistemology | The study of knowledge: What constitutes knowledge, the nature of knowledge, and whether knowledge is possible | Pre-Socratics observe and seek to define physical phenomena.Socrates studied human behavior and tried to determine the essential nature of knowledge.Aristotle sought to categorize his observations.The Scientific RevolutionNewtonian influencesFreudian influence | SkepticismRealismConceptualismNominalismEmpiricismRationalismAbsolute
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| Free play of signifiers | Derrida | Seeks to expose assumptions about language and multiple meaningsLiterary criticism | Eastern | The study of the philosophical traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism | Vedic cultureTravels of Confucius and Lao TzuSpread of Buddhism from India to China & JapanSpread of IslamTranscendentalists embrace Eastern thoughtParliament of World Religions begins spread of Eastern thought in America | Hinduism: Vedas, UpanishadsBuddhism: Four Noble Truths, Eightfold PathTaoismConfucianismIslamic philosophy | SivanandaRamakrishnaVivekanandaYoganandaTagoreSri AurobindoGandhiMaharishi Mahesh YogiShri AmritanandamayiSiddhartha GautamaDalai LamaThich Nhat HanhPema ChodronLao TzuConfuciusAvicennaAverroes | Self-realizationUnity of mind and bodyHarmony of man and environment | Postcolonial | The synthesis of the disciplines of philosophy with the indigenous cultures of Africa, the Americas, and Asia | Colonization during the 18th and 19th centuriesAs countries gained freedom, their thinkers sought social justice and recognition. | Pan-African philosophyAfrican-American thoughtLatin American thought | SenghorHountondjiTutuKingHooks (Watkins)WestAstradaQuesadaGandhi | Social justicePreservation of oral history and traditionLiberation of all peoples | FeminismFeminism(Continued) | The study of the philosophical canon as reconstructed and revised to be

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