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Natalia Ramirez
Mary Sheffield
Interpretation of Fiction
29 November, 2011
A five-year old’s World Changed in a Second The innocence of a child not only brings hope and purity into any situation but also shows genuine happiness to any mother. A mother and her son relationship and obstacles is what the novel Room by Emma Donoghue is about. Five-year old Jack’s view of life and his world in Room is constrained to the most basic of needs. His world is simply four walls with a bed, TV, a wardrobe where he sleeps every single night, and his friends (a snake made of eggshells, a broken remote, Dora the Explorer, and of course, his mother, Ma). This is a story of a young woman being held captive in a room by a mentally unstable man who
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In Room, Jack had one of each object so it is important to note the capitalization of the words while he speaks, implying he replaces materials for live objects, for example, “I play with Jeep and Remote all day except when I’m in Bath they have to park on Table not to get rusty” (Donoghue 44). Inside Room and inside his mind there was a need for companion other than Ma. Outside Room, Jack found people and after building relationships through communication with other people in the world he no longer needed replacements for companion. “...some on the dresser, some on the table beside the bed, some in the wardrobe...” (Donoghue 206). Jack knew there was more than one dresser, table, bed and wardrobe giving a hint of how his brain development is normal or possibly advancing at a more rapid speed since it only took him a couple of days to adapt. Jack’s brain can only contain a certain amount of information; in Room he could not completely or effectively grasp the concept of time and space. Jack used to think that in Room there was always time for everything, but when he escaped he saw that in reality some people just do not have enough time. He thought time was spread throughout the world like butter; while in Room, time always remained the same and there was always time for everything he wanted to do. In Room, Jack believed he and Ma were one, since they were always together. It took the outside world to make him understand that

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