Philosophy of Freedom Essay

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The Philosophy of Freedom
Determinism is a theory that alleges that there are forces, either natural or universal that causes an event to happen (Lucas, p. 2). Lucas adds that the determinism concept asserts that humans live in a prearranged universe, and any change occurs with law-like promptness (2). This theory is a spiritual perception regarding the nature of the world and things. Some theorists argue that determinism suggests that, in principle, everything in the future is predictable and that past happenings, in principle, are explicable. Compatibilists, also known as soft determinists describe freedom as a free act that involves no compellation, coercion,
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Taylor suggests that there are three principal features of free actions including that an individual can freely operate if there exist no hindrances to stop one from doing it (40). Also, freedom is whereby one is free to act if there are no forces or constraints to prevent one from proceeding and if an individual can do otherwise (40). Several philosophical perspectives regarding the connection between free will and determinism include incompatibilists, persons who hold that free will and determinism cannot both be true. Individuals who hold that determinism is true within the incompatibilists category, thus deciding that free will is impossible are called hard determinants. On the other hand, libertarians are persons who uphoild the possibility of free will and allege the falsehood of determinism. Compatibilists are individuals who perceive that free will and determinism are compatible (Lucas, p.3). Figure 1 illustrates a precise classification between free will and determinism.

Free Will
“Free will” is impractical “Free will” is feasible

“Physical determinism” is true Determinism

“Physical determinism” is false

Figure1. Taxonomy of free will and determinism Taylor alleges that all compatibilism versions, also known as soft determinism entail three common claims including that determinism is true (40). Another common

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