Philosophy, Theology, And Ideology Essay

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Womanist Theology
Any philosophy, theology, or ideology is always created due to an underrepresentation in society. Most modern ideologies are created from yet another underrepresentation in a current ideology. Black theology failed to represent both genders, and as a result womanist theology was created. However, like most theologies, some significant issues still remain to be touched on by womanist theology. Such problems include full representation of all colored people, language and freedom from psychological subjugation. Deloris S. Williams is the person to coin the term “Womanist Theology,” and she argued “women have been left out of black liberation theology.” Another theologian, Kelly D.B. Douglas argued, “ignoring black women’s experience black theology forced black women to develop their own theological perspective. Jacquelyn Grant adds to this by pointing out that black women have been invisible in feminist theology as well. Although it was created from invisibility in other theologies, it still neglects to illuminate everything in itself. I will discuss the neglected topics in womanist theology on various dimensions.
A womanist tend to defined themselves as feminist of color. Womanist theologians take theological guidelines from this definition of womanist. In her article “Womanist Theology: Black Women’s Voice,” Deloris Williams uses Alice Walker’s concept of womanist as an outline to sketch a theology. In Alice Walker’s book In Search of Our Mother’s…

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