Philosophy- Plato's Dialogue Essay

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Plato’s dialogue: The Gorgias, 482e-484e: The Speech of Callicles

When I first began to read this passage I was a little confused at the message Callicles was sending to reader and to the philosophers of that time. As I continue to study philosophy I get the sense that most philosophers question the same thing for reason of being. The question of “why” and “what makes…” is the common theme with most things I’ve come across in this course. To read a passage that was written which portrays the negative prospective of philosophy was a bit refreshing to be honest and to say the least. I agreed with most everything Callicles wrote and will reflect upon the passage through the questions provided on this assignment. I’ll begin by
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The keyword when defining shame is pride. If you are not proud of something you did that had a negative outcome your feel ashamed of yourself. Convicted criminals should be ashamed of their actions and on the flip side individuals that wrongfully accuse the innocent should be ashamed. Whenever you are not doing what is right and you should be ashamed. If your actions have outcomes that hurt other people you should be ashamed. Parents should teach their kids at a very young age what it means to feel shame when doing bad things. Callicles goes on to state, “weak people make laws to keep strong people in their place,” which I interpreted it as him simply saying that when going against convention you will be seen as an outcast and that can be feared by superior man. Something of that nature from an inferior person can be seen as a challenge to that of a superior. By making laws, we limit those that have the intellect to challenge them and therefore have a constant feeling of superiority. I think what was meant by saying “the weak people” Callicles was calling those that fear being challenged by others are the ones who are weak and to prideful to be corrected that they create “laws” to make sure there is never an opportunity for someone to challenge them. It is just another way of saying, man feel things are done their way or no way. I

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