Philosophy of a Learning Organization Essay

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What is your philosophy of a learning organization?

My philosophy is that a learning organization not only focuses on continually creating and fostering learning opportunities for all employees, it has a culture of knowledge sharing, and knows how to apply this learning and knowledge to the organization to increase its competitive advantage. As Gavin (1993) stated, "learning will only occur in a receptive environment." Thus, a learning organization not only openly encourages gaining and sharing knowledge; it also understands that this is linked to innovation. The learning organization looks at both adaptive (coping) and generative (systems) learning. To do this, a learning organization creates systems and/or processes to create
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Another determination is looking to see if it transfers learning and knowledge faster than a competitor. This can be determined by "The Half-Life Curve," which is a measurement of how fast it takes an organization to go through a learning cycle (Gavin, 1993). In conclusion, my philosophy is that a learning organization does more than just transfer knowledge to employees. It creates an environment of continuous learning, is able to react quickly to change, is innovative, and has leaders who are teachers and mentors; all for the purpose of increasing its competitive advantage. A perfect example of my philosophy would be the successful W.L. Gore company, which encompasses Senge's five identifiers, its employees are encouraged to learn, share knowledge, join the teams they want to, be innovative, and its leaders are truly mentors and teachers.

Gavin, D. A.

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