Philosophy Of The Joker

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Register to read the introduction… Most notoriously, he killed the second Robin, Jason 'f()dd, heating him to a bloody pulp before blowing him up. He shot and killed Lieutenant Sarah Essen, Commissioner Jim Gordon's second wife-in front o f dozens of i n fants, no less, whom he threatened to kil l in order to lure Essen to him. Years earlier, the.loker shot Barbara Gordon-Jim Gordon's adopted daughter and the former Batgirl-in the spine, paralyzing her from the waist down, and then tormented Jim with pictures of her lying prone, naked and bleeding. And let us not forget countless ordinary citizens of Gotham City-the Joker e\'en wiped out all of h i s own henchmen recentl ! J Every time the Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum, he commits depraved crimes-the type that philosopher …show more content…
Mrn my teachings I had many masters, each with his own singular philosophy. My masters agreed on one point only: to be a warrior requires balance" (Baonan, in Batman Con jidentwl #B, October 2007). 10. Lao-Tzu, Ta. Te Ching, chapter 2. I I . Ibid., chapter I I . 12. The giant penny was lost during Catoly,.", (199B); the Aquaman episode occurred i G.tham Knights #1 B (August 2001).
I l. See Outsiders #49 (September 2007).

14. Tim's mother died in "Rite of Passage" (Detective Cumics #61!Hi2I, 1990); his father in Identity Crisis (2005); Stephanie in Batnum #6JJ (December 2004), reprinted in W ar Games Act T hree (2005); Conner in Infinite Crisis (2006); and Ban in The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive /Ill (June 2007). 15. Detective Cumicr #621 (September 1990); see also the last three pages of R.bin #167
(December 2007) with regard to the death of TIm's father.

17. Chuang-Tzu, ChUlJng-T chap,er l , p . 6B. The "Inner Chapters" o f Chuang-Tzu zu, are included in The Taoist Cl4ssics Voltnne One, 51-100, from which the translations [ quote are drawn, again translated by Thomas Cleary. These chapters are the most widely known and are the only ones attributable to the master himself. The unabridged Chuang­ vols. I and 2 (Mineola, �y Dover,
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Ben Dixon holds the William Lyon Visiting Chair in
Professional Ethics at the United States Air Force Academy. Previously he taught at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Professor Dixon has published articles on the topics of moral progress and the idea of human dignity. When not instructing college students or doing his own research, he volunteers at Arkham Asylum, teaching an "Introduction to Moral Reasoning" course. Continuously shocked by the num­ ber of Ns he gives the inmates' papers, he is starting to suspect that some of them may be capable of cheating.

Sarah K. Donovan is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Wagner College. Her teaching and research interests include feminist, social, moral, and continental philosophy. She hopes one day to found a college for superheroes and villains (hey, you need a degree to get a job these days).

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Christopher M. Drohan earned his Ph.D. in the philosophy


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