Personal Narrative: My Identity In A Class

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be” (Shakespeare 207).

When I was in elementary school back in 2003, I did not know that there was an unspoken rule of not involving ourselves with people who were deemed as “inferior” in the school at the time. I also did not make the connection that I was considered as an “inferior” to the eyes of my peers at the time.

At the tender age of six, I liked to wear hair bows with bright colored dresses with two pigtails, a usual young girly girl style. Despite of my feminine appearance, I liked to play interactive sports like handball, baseball, and basketball. With the broad range of hobbies I had from sports to music, I thought I can still make friends. However, there was one issue that hindered me
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As the shadows of the surrounding people grow faded and farther away from me, I came to believe that I was not seen as a normal child by the society. When my teacher soon noticed my lack of confidence and my constant speech pattern in class, she suggested to the principal and my mother that I should change classes and enroll in a special education class, a class where there were other students who had learning disabilities and who struggled with verbal communication, in order to not concern herself with my …show more content…
She recommended me to volunteer at a hospital so I decided to apply, hoping that meeting a variety of different people would clear my uncertainty of whether I should pursue into the medical field despite my low academic grades.

When I first started to volunteered in a preoperative room, I was welcomed by loud ringing phones and rushing nurses. I was put to work by assisting nurses and patients while answering phone calls within the hospital. At first, I was troubled since it was a busy environment and I did not know how to handle this type of fast-paced situation; however, after a few weeks of volunteering, I was able to assist the nurses, receive phone calls, and even interact with patients on my

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