DARPA Internet Protocols Paper

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The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols
The internet has evolved into something the creators couldn 't imagine. It has proven to be one of the most used tools today. Internet protocols, such as TCP/IP are old protocols but are still used in present day. These protocols were designed by the military. They are used by the military and commercial systems. The question is why the protocols were designed in this way. These paper explains why they were designed this way and listing the goals of the original DARPA in order of importance.

Clark describes several goals of the internet when it was being developed in the order of importance. The primary purpose was for the military. Clark explains the top three goals and explains them in
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To achieve this goal, the information must be protected. Which meant that information must be protected against loss. They went with fate sharing because it took information and gathered it at the end point of the network? Which is using the service of the network. Fate sharing has two main advantages. The first one is that it protects against any number of intermediate failures. The second, Fate sharing is much easier to engineer than …show more content…
The protocols are widely used in military and commercial environments. This has made other similar architectures pop up. These goals are in order for a reason. If they were in different order. We would have a totally different architecture. Clark gives the reader an understanding of why he used these goals. In the first goal. They wanted the internet to continue despite the loss of networks or gateways. This was fundamental to keep the internet going. The second goal explains the protocols used. It explains the reason of TCP and IP separation. The third goal explains the use of a wide variety of networks. The author then describes the rest of the of the goals. He goes and explains why he implemented each goal. Each goal was important for the architecture. If he didn 't implement the rest of the goals. The architecture would have been totally

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