Essay Philosophy Is The Love Of Wisdom

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Philosophy is the love of wisdom. It is derived from the ancient Greeks words, ‘philo’ which means to love and ‘sophia’ meaning wisdom. “To pursue answers to philosophical questions means to court the love of wisdom” (Turnbull, p.2). Philosophers view the world with perspective. They view the world as governed by abstract principles and that ideas are known by reflection. Philosophy has been around for almost 3,000 years. In those 3,000 years many different philosophers proposed their different views to the world. They also wanted to prove others that their philosophy could be changed or does not make any sense. Philosophy is a part of our everyday life.
Without being curious and having questions about the world, we would just be very ignorant. Like sophists. Sophists are “Itinerant philosophers who taught people rhetoric for money” (Turnbull, p.54) In other words, sophists are traveling philosophers that use the art of using language to persuade others. Turnbull does not like them at all. He even goes as far as saying “The widespread unpopularity of sophists, especially amongst philosophers and certain aspects of the Athenian political hierarchy has had the term ‘sophist’ something of a term of abuse to this day” (Turnbull, p.54). Even Plato did not like the sophists and what they were advocating for. According to Plato the mind is blank and education writes it. It shouldn’t be written by sophist because they teach ignorance. Other groups of philosophers that Turnbull…

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