Philosophy Is Fueled By Man 's Interests Essay

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. If one had to ask me before taking this “Introduction to Philosophy” course what Philosophy was, I would have formulated my answer to be somewhere along the lines of “It is..ya’ know… the questioning of everything?” and would have tried to promptly change the subject as I actually did not have any idea as to what the subject of Philosophy actually encompassed. However, now after the course’s completion, I have not only acquired greater understanding, but I have also gained much interest on this “Subject-of-All-Subjects”. I give Philosophy this name because it encompasses the exploration of many different ideas ranging from metaphysics- which is the study of reality, of what exists in the world and our relationship to it, to epistemology- which is the study of knowledge and how we come to acquire it.
Philosophy is fueled by man’s interests and questions regarding what he observes and experiences in his everyday life. Man cannot escape philosophic thought as he has, at least at one point in his lifetime, asked himself why something in his reality occurs, what the meaning of life is, or what is his purpose here on this earth. The study of Philosophy further enhances man’s ability to question and reason. By analyzing those ideas of past philosophers, one learns to think critically and to consider all answers to the question being asked and refute them in turn until he arrives at what he believes to be the absolute solution. In From Philosophy Through the Ages, James Feiser…

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