Philosophy Is An Important Aspect Of Science Essay

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In Greek terms, Philo means to love and Sophos means knowledge; Philosophy is the study about loving knowledge. When people think of philosophy, people only think of the idea each person has a personal philosophy such as beliefs in his or her own rights. Philosophy is not a narrow subject, but a broad subject that allows more than just a personal Philosophy that every person knows and has. Philosophy has 3, and to some philosophers, 4 main branches: Ethics, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Logic. Philosophy is the strong basis to which many sciences have been created from. With these branches of Philosophy, it is easy to see that Philosophy is the backbone of many popular modern sciences like Biology, Psychology, and Geology. Philosophy generated the idea of questioning life and looking for new knowledge. It is common for people to demean Philosophy and praising other sciences without understanding the Philosophy is an important aspect of science. For each modern science, one thing remains the same; research is made to find knew ideas and knowledge about their specific branches of study. Philosophy is essential in sciences; Philosophy is used in sciences through critical thinking, to birth new sciences, and the evolution of sciences. One of the strongest ideologies of Philosophy is the idea of Critical thinking. Critical thinking is a skill people gain in order to question research, create hypothesis, and gain new knowledge. When a person is thinking critically, that means…

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