Philosophy Is A Social Science Essay example

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1. Philosophy is a social science that addresses the big questions of life and human existence.
Comment and evaluate your approach to life. Is freedom and liberty always a good thing.
Philosophy is made of two Greek words. Philo meaning love, and Soph which is the suffix for wisdom and knowledge. Philosophers and the field of philosophy all center on the logic and reasoning of life and all its parts. What is life, where do we come from, where do we go when we die? All of these questions are big and grand casting a shadow on our lives. I think all of us are philosophers in our own life, as we break down and analyze our life we come logical conclusions. I am a good person or I am a bad person, statements we make after we evaluate our life and the decisions we’ve made. We hear a certain song and begin to think heavily and drift into our imaginations. I evaluate my life daily and always contemplate my decisions in regards to my destination and path. Is what I am doing currently bringing closer to where I’d like to be? Sometimes I rationalize my own motivations and past experiences, so that I can be more reflective in my life. Everything that has happened in my life does not dictate where my life is headed.
Living in a country with such freedom to think and question life is a large blessing. I think it is in our human nature to seek out answers to the burning questions. We have desires, passions, dreams, and aspirations, and most of the time these are questions we are seeking…

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