Philosophy And Utilitarianism: The Four Main Branches Of Philosophy

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In Greek terms, Philo means to love and Sophos means knowledge; Philosophy is the study about loving knowledge. When people think of philosophy, people only think of the idea each person has a personal philosophy such as beliefs in his or her own rights. Philosophy is not a narrow subject, but a broad subject that allows more than just a personal Philosophy that every person knows and has. Philosophy has 3, and to some philosophers, 4 main branches: Ethics, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Logic. Philosophy is the strong basis to which many sciences have been created from. With these branches of Philosophy, it is easy to see that Philosophy is the backbone of many popular modern sciences like Biology, Psychology, and Geology. Philosophy generated …show more content…
Philosophy and critical thinking is the study in which every part of human life is questioned. Philosophers had to think critically to see what can be considered as truth. The branch of Ethics is a strong example of how critical thinking can be a necessary aspect of life. The branch of ethics is the branch that philosophers question morality and what is right and wrong (Dweyer & Rainbolt, 2012). It takes a skilled person who has learned critical thinking to question what is right or wrong. An example of this is the concept of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the idea that people do the morally ethical thing when it gives the most benefit (or happiness)(Cite Text Book). An example of Utilitarianism could be like the predicament Batman was put into in the movie, The Dark Knight, where Batman had to pick whether he could save the DA, Harvey Dent, or the love of his life, Rachel Dawes. Batman had to choose whether he wanted his own personal benefit, or the city of Gotham to benefit from Harvey Dent’s ideas for the future. Batman chose to save Harvey Dent in order for the whole city to benefit rather than just him to be

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