Philosophy And Practice Of Retreat Essay

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In this assessment I will endeavour to reflect on the concept and practice of Retreat as a discipline within the practice of Christianity.
I will begin initially with an explanation of my current understanding of this concept and through exploration and investigation I will share my findings and reflect upon how these compare to my first interpretation and discuss ways to encourage the practise.

Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started
My first impression of the term ‘retreat’ was within the concept of a military corporation. Two sides at war, engaging in hand to hand combat on the battle field. With horses and chariots, the heavy weight of armoured warriors defending and attacking amongst the mud and blood. Be it for power or plunder, land or glory, these worriers grit their teeth and hold their ground until the commanding officer is forced to acknowledge the size, strength and number of their opposing force.
When the opportunity presents itself the commanding officer raises his voice to call the order. His officials repeat the command and the echo is heard ringing out from man to man, “retreat! The commander saves the lives of the men still standing, but it is a reluctant last resort.
The idea of needing to retreat is not one that I associate with strength and I was surprised to learn of it as a discipline.
A Significant Christian figure in history who has contributed to this discipline
To develop an understanding of…

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