Philosophy And Concepts Of Mission Command Essay

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During my career, I have faced several situations that I could make decisions using the philosophy and principles of mission command, but I have had a lack experience and knowledge about these issues. As a direct leader, many times I have followed orders without thinking about aspects in connection with the mission command activities. Since the mission command lessons delivered during the Sergeant Major Course (SMC), I can understand and visualize how these aspects are crucial when I have to work with subordinates and superiors. Therefore, I believe that this topic is valuable to my further development. The purpose of this paper is to present how I believe the philosophy and concepts of mission command will help me in future duty assignments in the Brazilian Army.
Firstly, I think the knowledge that I have received during the mission command lessons will be essential in my daily duties with subordinates. As sergeant major, I will work with subordinates and staffs and there will be situations that I will have to remember the principles of mission command, summarized in the memorable quotation from the Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-0 (2012).
Through leadership, commanders build teams. They develop and maintain mutual trust and a shared understanding throughout the force and with unified action partners. Commanders understand that subordinates and staffs require resources and a clear intent to guide their actions. They allow them the freedom of action to…

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