Essay On The Enlightenment Era

Philosophies of The Enlightenment Era created religious freedom in America. By creating this religious freedom they influenced the founding fathers that establish America. Making the church separate from the state, people have the freedom to practice their desired religions. Also this allows others from other countries to move here and practice their religion without fear of being harassed. So by colonies reshaping their religious outlooks in The Enlightenment Era, this allowed all people to be seen on an equal level.
In the late fifteen and early sixteenth-centuries “religious conflicts began to tear Europe apart”. This was from the Catholic Church and the Pope accumulating numerous amounts of power and wealth. The Christians in Europe did
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The Puritans had a lot in common with the Pilgrims except they believed the Anglican Church could still be saved from corruption. They also had a goal “to create godly churches to serve as models for the English Church.” In 1625 King Charles rejected the Puritans far more than his father. On top of that the economic troubles the country was in which consisted of, crop failures and depressions in the wool industry. With all these things happening in England the Puritans saw them as “signs of God displeasure with their country” so they left. In 1629 they set up the Massachusetts Bay colony, they also were able to set up a business to make money to support …show more content…
This created New York and Delaware. This in turn brought together more religions in one area and made the region even more religiously dispersed. In 1681 Pennsylvania was founded by Will Penn and he wanted it to be a place for Quakers. The colony made a humanitarian code and a liberal constitution which attracted Scotch-Irish immigrants. This made Pennsylvania very diverse and prosperous. The reason for the Quakers getting kicked out of England was because they believed in equality for men, woman, and

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