Philosophical Questions On Philosophical Concepts Essay

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1. One overlapping theme I have noticed is that philosophical concepts are almost never have a definition answer to their validity. For example, the theories of mind we encountered were all subject to intense criticism. One theory was not considered “correct” while others were “false.” It seems as if no matter the amount of scientific or numerical data, the answers to philosophical questions will never be answered fully. Going along those lines, I have learned even a satisfactory answer is never enough. At a high school football game this year, I talked about philosophy to my former high school principal. I told him how I disliked philosophy because I like concrete answers. For example, many mathematical equations or formulas can be proved numerous ways. Once it is proved, there are no questions regarding its validity. Philosophy, on the other hand, seems to never stop asking, “Why?” Philosophy digs deeper into meanings and understandings of concepts until there is no possible way to dig deeper. I believe that is the most important takeaway from this class. Essentially, I take it to mean that I should never be satisfied with answers when there are more to them. I must analyze problems from multiple perspectives. For example, I may find a certain activity I do is good for me. Now, I will probably ask myself, “Why is this good for me? What does it mean to be good? Is this activity fair for everyone?” The list of questions seems to never end. One specific topic that I…

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