Philosophers, Rene Descartes A Rationalist And David Hume

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Register to read the introduction… With relation of ideas, we assume that everything is a constant. Individual’s plan their lives around various times of the day, such as the fact that 5:00pm always comes before 6:00pm.The theory of time can be contradicted because of daylight savings, time zone changes or leap year. With the idea of matters of fact, one must prove through experience that things are true. There has never been a true sighting of Big Foot, Yeti or UFO’s. This shows because there is no experience of such phenomenon they are not matters of fact, just one’s imagination at work. Although Descartes’ theory of reasoning is convincing, Hume’s idea of reasoning through experience makes a more compelling argument. Like Neo in the movie “The Matrix”, he chose the red pill over the blue pill opting for the truth in experience and reason opposed to not experiencing the true reality of life with exposure.
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