Philip Zimbardo And The Stanford Prison Experiment

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Philip Zimbardo is well versed in the field of psychology with over 50 years studying and teaching while holding a PH.D. from Yale University. He is recognized for his famous Stanford Prison experiment and has well over 400 publications. Zimbardo has served as president of the American Psychological Association. Dr. Zimbardo currently lives in San Fransisco with his wife and had three grown children. Craig Haney, who worked as an understudy with Zimbardo, is a psychologist who studies social principals in legal and civil right cases. Haney holds Ph.D. in psychology and a J.D. in law from Stanford University. Haney Currently teaches at University of California Santa Cruz where he teaches students the psychology of law. In the discussion of the Stanford Prison experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo and Craig Haney, one controversial issue has been the justification of morality within the experiment. On one hand, …show more content…
During Milgram 's obedience study, he found that 65% of people are obedient to an authoritative figure without a violent ambition to inflict pain. Although scientist of the Phycology Committee became outraged by the fact that he would fake someone 's pain to obtain results from observing people 's behavior while they are proceeding to inflicting pain. Milgram believed that humanity can inflict pain without the thought of aggression or rage; their motive for inflicting pain was based on an authoritative figure telling the subject to inflict pain. People could be born with the purest heart and end up dying alone if they were bitter towards everything. Their actions are moved by what they learned from an adolescent age. Many people change where ever they travel because it 's the environment humans adapt to, as humans mature their beliefs and values grow into important choices that will shape their future. Same goes for those who make the wrong

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