Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

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In Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep the species of animals have became extinct after World War Terminus. Just like finding anything that is rare or hard to reach animals became just as valuable as the most precious jewel or fossil today. Instead of believing animals were just a piece of meat or mans best friend they have became a symbol of wealth and were in high demand. Those who owned an animal were known to be higher ranked in society and, were sort of hated on by those who didn’t own an animal. The author makes it clear that owning an animal is the best way to show ones power or dominance in the human race.
The meaning of being alive is a main theme through out the story. Everyone in the story is trying to capture these robotic looking humans to retire. They look so much like humans that being able to identify one is very hard. The creation of the empathy box is made and it gives the bounty hunters a more effective way on being able to recognize a human from an android. Androids are known to not show empathy and humans are the exact opposite. Humans are known to care for one each other probably because they know what it feels like when going through tough times. Androids on the other hand, don’t care or feel for any other humans or androids they don’t really have feelings and just go through the motions
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Think about this saying, “One death is tragic, a million is a statistic.” (Cameron) Unfortunately, this is true for the human race we often feel more connected with an individual than we do with five hundred at the same time. Humans sometimes do lack empathy and this could possibly mean that the author of Do Androids dream of Electric sheep could be wrong. Not all humans need to have empathy sometimes its just a choice. It doesn’t really make a human less of a human just because he or she isn’t crying as much as the person next to them

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