Philip Anderson Essay

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In this case, we have really two different points of view: in one side, there is Philip Anderson, the Phoenix branch manager of Stuart & Co., who manages a team with his ways, his idea, his experience but the results do not reach the targets fixed by the firm. In the other side, there is the direction of Stuart & Co., which has opposite ideas to Philip Anderson.
I will try to analyze the challenges Philip Anderson faces from the point of view of costs of control and considering ethical concerns.

Reading this text, we could easily feel that Philip Anderson’s work way is totally opposite to the firm way. The sentence “how far he [Philip Anderson] could bend without breaking” shows the challenge of the alone man is important for him.
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do not communicate: the Philip’s fear for the monthly teleconference is a proof of this lack of communication. A dialogue could allow to each part to explain its ideas to finally find a compromise and a proper balance. People must not be stubborn.
Then, if the situation stays like that, I think I will try to find a new place in another company to avoid a perpetual conflict and a recurrent stress. In fact, there is not one best form of management or kind of control in an enterprise but one thing is sure, if there is a conflict between some managers, the efficiency of the firm is not optimum because the capacity of the managers could be reduced. The problem is that Philip is in a delicate situation because he is the sole provider of his family so he can not take a risk to resign from his job. So this “fight” is a source of stress for him.

Personal conclusion

This case shows me another kind of management issue that I did not know before. I understand better the importance of cost control and ethical issues. I think now both are very important keys for the success of a firm that is why a company has to find a balance, a compromise between

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