Phil 201 Study Guide Essay

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The Importance of Philosophy in General

Lesson Overview

Having discussed what philosophy is, we now consider why it is important to study philosophy. We will divide our discussion into 2 parts: (1) Why is it important for all persons in general and (2) Why is it specifically important for Christians to study philosophy? We begin, in true philosophic fashion, by examining the question itself: what we do mean by philosophy being important and we introduce the idea of the philosophic mindset. We then examine 5 reasons why it is important for all persons to adopt the philosophic mindset. We will end by providing an overview of the different branches of philosophy.


Read and take notes from chapter 2 of
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This is why phil can have opposite vies and still be friends. Goal is not to win, but to find the truth. If you show me a belief I had that I thought was true is actually false, I haven’t lost, I have won.

• What kind of arguing do philosophers do?
Phil argue the second way: over competing ideas and issues. Rational.

• What are 2 values for arguing in philosophy?
1. It is the foremost way that they fulfill the justification aspect of critical examination. To justify their beliefs is to offer reasons for why they think they are true. When offering those reasons, they are presenting an argument.There are right and wrong ways to argue and we need guidelines on how to do it correctly.
2. It forces us to understand the issue better. In arguing we strip an issue down to its basic elements, clarify what we mean, and provide reasons for our beliefs about it.
Socrates is an excellent model of this. Called the Socratic Method. Why do you believe what you do and why are you doing it? Teachers ask for arguments in class not for proof but to be sure student understands what he is talking about.

• What is the difference between having a worldview and establishing a worldview?
~One of the greatest values of a philosophical mindset it the significant role it takes in helping us est a comprehensive system by which our knowledge can be categorized and examined. This is called a worldview. It can be defined as an explanation and interpretation of the work,

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