Phenomenology Vs. Narrative Methodology Essay

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Phenomenology vs. Narrative Methodology

Qualitative research is designed to answer questions. Questions such as, why did this happen? Who did it happen to? How did this happen? What did we do when this happened? And so on and so forth. There are two forms of qualitative research that will be addressed in the paragraphs to follow. Will be phenomenology, and narrative research methodology, I will discuss, both in full and describe the ways in which data is gathered, the role of the researcher and ways the data is proven trustworthy.
Definition Phenomenology is a method practice that in very basic terms is designed to answer questions. Questions as to why, who, when, where etc? The purpose is to answer the question: “ what is the meaning, structure, and essence of the lived experience of a particular phenomenon by and individual or by many individuals. (book) So the questions asked pertain to everyday situations and lived human experiences. Because the method is based upon human experience it is the relationship between the researcher and the participant is heavily interactive.
The role of the researcher As just mentioned the relationship between the researcher and the participant is very interactive and the outcome of phenomenological research relies heavily on such interaction. The researcher serves as the primary instrument for data collection and analysis of such data. They should be an active listener and do their very best to illustrate and represent…

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