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PhD Program in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

University of Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School Organizational Behavior PhD Program Video
The OBHR doctoral program focuses on preparing students to impact the study of people, process and outcomes within the fields of organizational behavior and human resources management. Through research, collaboration and dissemination of knowledge, students understand how to impact organizational effectiveness in a variety of different environments, industries and across multiple levels of analyses. Our expectation is that students within the OBHR major will craft a program of research that is built upon rigorous theory as well as strong methodological skills that are both
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Such models, as noted, form the basis for the design of systems to manage organizational personnel. We will begin with the classical industrial engineering model as a concept for shaping and influencing human behavior and we will trace and explore the evolution of management thought to the current emphasis on people as "human resources" in organizations. The basic writings, research and theories relevant to these and other models will be explored in depth.
Foundations of Human Resources Management
The purpose of this seminar is to offer a rigorous and intensive introduction to some of the basic functions and issues in area of Human Resources/Personnel Management (herein after referred to as HRM). The emphasis will be on mastering a number of core concepts that drive research and practice, developing an understanding of the research foundations that underpin the field, and building an appreciation for the intellectual history and evolution of HRM as a key management function. While the main goal of the course is to enhance our scholarly insight and understanding of the development and knowledge in the field, we also want to do two additional things: (1) sharpen our abilities at critical thinking and the generation of creative ideas and (2) develop an appreciation for the practical application of this knowledge.
Groups and Social Identity
This doctoral

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