Phase 1ip Shrunken Heads Essay example

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Jerome M. Singleton IT106-1301A-07
13 January 2013

To most people the idea of shrinking heads is something of a science fiction movie or horror flick, I know I did for the majority of my life. Who could actually believe that a human can brutally and savagely cut the head off another human head But as we know there is a culture that is known for taking trophy heads of their defeated enemy and these are our tribal communities throughout the Americas. But there is only one tribal community that went one step further and these mystical and most feared tribal communities in world, the Shuar Warriors. These warriors located deep in the northern Amazon jungles in a region on the Pastaza River between
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A machete blade was heated and pressed against the lips to dry them.” There were several more steps to this process for example, filling the holes beneath the eyelids with seeds in order prevent the Musiak (the avenging angel) from seeing. Once celebratory ritual was done, the Tsantsa was of no value to the shuar it then discarded into the jungle(Shah 2001). As this may seem savagely brutal however the United States has engaged in hierarchical scenarios for decades if not centuries. The difference between the Shuar Warriors and United States of America is the Shuar warriors in the name of spirituality as well as power. The U.S did it to gain dominance and power. But the civilized world of the United States does not want to mix religion and politics. The Shuar Warriors face their enemies at hand to hand combat, the U.S uses atom bombs nuclear weapon and all the technology it can muster up to rain over its enemies from a far. Although very misunderstood and feared A Shuar Warrior would have no cause to shrink a foreigners head because they don’t believe that outsiders have souls. Therefore all the horror flicks and science fiction flicks where the group of foreigners goes into the Amazon jungles to never return it’s not because their heads was shrunk, maybe they got lost, or never wanted to go home. Whatever may be the case, which of these super warriors are the Jivaro.


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