Essay on Pharmacy Is A Fundamental Part Of The General Public

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1 To most people, pharmacy is just the study of medicine and their local pharmacist is just another person who puts pills in bottles all day long – but pharmacy is more than that. 3 Pharmacy is years of hard work in school, years of training to make sure one knows what they are doing so someone does not get the wrong dosage of a medicine, and it’s years of time spent researching with different medicines, trying to find cures. True, pharmacists do collect a pay check and work like everyone else, yet they do more behind closed counters than people think. Pharmacists prescribe prescriptions, administer medicines, instruct the public, deal with patients’ personal lives, and research new medications for patients. Pharmacy is a fundamental part of the general public’s life, whether they know it or not. The job of a pharmacist, however, is tedious and the days are long. 8 The day starts when the business opens; yet, one still has to be on call when not working. The situation is not nearly as dire as an emergency room doctor on call, but pharmacists often make two a.m. visits to the workplace to retrieve medicine for the parent of a sick child. 13 This is also means that one must be ready to leave any family barbeques or little league games to take care of business in an emergency. 12 Pharmacy is a stressful job so it deters many possible prospects away from it as a career choice. The stress can sometimes be overwhelming to some, considering someone could be severely injured by a…

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