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Pharmacologic Medication: to start a pharmacological medication with a DM patients many patients’ preferences must be considered (e.g. efficacy, cost, potential side effects, weight, comorbidities, and hypoglycemia risk). Except for type 1 DM patient’s insulin therapy should not be delayed.
Some recomeeended therapy fpr type 1 DM:
1. Multiple-dose insulin injections( three to four injection per day of basal and prandial insulin) or CSII therapy.
2. Match prandial insulin o carbohydrate intake. Pre-meal blood glucose, and anticipated physical activity.
3. For most patients (especially those at elevated risk of hypoglycemia). Use insulin analogs.
4. For patients with frequent nocturnal hypoglycemia. Recurrent sever hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia unawareness. A sensor-augmented low glucose threshold suspend pump may be
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They need to start immediately as well as exercise activity in combination with low carbohydrate diet to help the body absorb the glucose in the body without depending on carbohydrate transformation to glucose process.
After three month of this new life style if the A1C level are uncontrolled and unmanaged Pharmacological medication must be included in the physician plan of treatment for the type 2 DM patients with consideration their patient-centered approach.
The new guidelines for treating a diabetic patients suggests that if the level of A1C remain high after three months of the new precaution healthy life style, adding metformin agent that has high efficacy, low risk of hypoglycemia, neutral loss of weight, few side effects, and low cost must be required as a monotherapy.

And if A1C still high and within normal limits dual therapy medication is a necessity. Will be in combination with the metformin agent. One of these medication should be included with the metformin agent in the dual

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