Pharmacists : Health And Medical Pharmacy Major Essay

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Pharmacists In 2012, about 61 percent of pharmacists worked in retail pharmacies that were either independently owned or part of a larger chain, store, or merchandiser. The majority of these pharmacists were salaried, though some were self-employed owners. About 23 percent worked in hospitals, while others worked in clinics, mail-order pharmacies, wholesalers, home health care agencies, or the Federal government ("Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians: Facts and Figures - DPEAFLCIO."). Pharmacists do much more than just prescribe drugs to patients. “The most common association with pharmacists is a dispenser of drugs and medications. However, a pharmacist 's work neither begins nor ends with filling prescriptions. The mixing of the ingredients to create the prescriptions (a practice called compounding) is really a small part of a pharmacist 's responsibilities. Pharmacists often work with physicians and other medical professionals to provide information about drug dosages, side effects, and interactions with other medications. (“Guide To Majors - Health & Medical – Pharmacy Major.”).” A career as a pharmacist can be rewarding but you will have to overcome several different obstacles to become one. A Pharmacist plays a key role in the improving the health of patients. Pharmacists will see patients more often than doctors will and because of this it is the pharmacist’s responsibility to answer any questions or concerns that a patient may have. They educate the patient on…

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