Pharma Care Case Analysis

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Describe the key characteristics of a stakeholder and determine all the stakeholders within the PharmaCARE scenario.

According to stakeholders is defines as any “person, group, or organization that has interest or concern in an organization”. The stakeholders in the scenario would be PharmaCARE executives and the employees, both domestically and overseas. CompCARE and its executives and employees, the Pharma board of directors, the foundation, the country of Colberia, the people of Colberia who are directly and indirectly working with PharmaCARE. One could include Medicaid, Medicare, hospitals, medical facilities, physicians and consumers. “Stakeholders can be identified s person or group whose interest will be impacted
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The goal of the company is to develop a great product for the marketplace at a reasonable price and profit for the shareholders. The decision that any company goes overseas to build its manufacturing facilities is the labor law in the host country is lower than in the organization’s home base in most cases. In the study it indicated that the indigenous workers of the company walked five miles to their homes in the jungle. It is also documented in the case that the inhabitants do not have some of the luxuries of middle class American standards such as electricity and running water. Many indigenous people prefer to maintain their lifestyle and not conform to modern technology. These utilities are something that not that new to the total American …show more content…
These green initiatives mainly address the campaigns in the developed world, like the United States which adheres to federal and individual states accordance to the environmental protection guidelines. The company was able to identify some of the unfair environmental practices in the United Sates, thus avoiding PETA, environmental activists, stiff fines from government, and possible shut down of their business. If this occurs then they could be subject to major loss in profit margin. All businesses are in working toward making profit not losing money. The company has engaged with anti-lobbying efforts that they have pursued with the government aids the corporations in making sure that labor laws overseas will not them

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