Ph and Osmosis Essay

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The Effect of pH on the Rate of Osmosis Using a Glucose Solution

Melissa Werderitch Biology 157 11/6/06

In a journal article written by Florian Lang, osmosis is essentially explained as the flow of water from one area to another that are separated by a selectively permeable membrane to equalize concentrations of particles in the two locations (Lang, 1997). Osmosis is able to maintain osmotic pressure and regulate a cell's volume.
In a hypotonic () or hypertonic () environment, a cell may be liable to gain or lose water. Osmotic pressure is known as the amount of force needed to prevent the flow of water through a membrane. Osmotic pressure allows a cell to prevent itself from shrinking or swelling and possibly
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Using the pipette, fill all 9 dialysis sacs with 10mL of the glucose solution. Twist off and seal the open side of the sacs to prevent the solution from leaking, and make sure there are no air bubbles present in the sealed sac. Empty the beaker, clean it, and fill that beaker, as well as the 2 remaining with distilled water. Take the mass of the initial sacs and record. Arrange the beakers according to trials, making sure to include one basic solution, one distilled water, and one acidic solution in each. Drop the sacs into the solutions and let settle for one hour. After one hour, remove the sacs and dry them. Take the final mass of the sacs and determine whether water was gained or lost during the experiment.


All the sacs started with a mass within 0.3g of each other. All the sacs finished with a mass within 0.5g of each other. Each solution started with an average mass of 10.75g and finished with a mass of 13.3g. The rate of osmosis was approximately for the cell's percent change in weight.

See graphs.



PH does not effect the rate of osmosis.

Melissa Werderitch
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