Peyton Are You Ready For Go Catch A Mamagal? Essay

735 Words Sep 21st, 2016 3 Pages
“Peyton are you ready to go catch a mamagal?” is just one of the many things I am asked from dad when the spawn is about to begin. My family has fished on Lake Sam Rayburn for many decades and I guess you could say it’s a tradition. We each have our favorite rods and reels and equipment that we believe is “lucky,” but sometimes it’s about more than luck. Nothing can compare to the wind that flowed through your hair as the boat darted across the water heading to your favorite spot. The smoky air was dense, as concentrated fog rose from the lake which made it hard to distinguish what was up ahead of you. The fog also brought a light dampness that soaked your clothes leaving your skin and your clothing soggy. However, it was a cool spring morning out on the lake and it was time to drench some baits. “Peyton, what are you going to use this morning?” questioned my dad as we got in position against the shoreline. “Ehh, I’m thinking a rattle trap or a spinner bait.” I uttered as I fumbled with getting the rods untangled, and with that neither of us speak another word. “Thunk!” is all you hear as daylight came upon us and every fisherman in every boat had one thing in mind, and that is who was going to win the Big Bass Splash that year. Out of nowhere, I got a bite. My pole bent farther than I have ever seen it bend before. I could feel the wandering eyes as people wondered if I had caught something worthy of weighing in or if I was just hooked on a sunken tree trunk, but I knew…

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