Petty Crimes, Outrageous Punishment Analysis

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Carl M. Cannon essay, “Petty Crimes, Outrageous Punishment “ was very strong by his multiply example of the subject of what he was talking about. He address key points of our criminal justice system and its flaws. He seems to know his understanding of the subject, and he is very credible with is other work. Our justice system is very flawed and is a big issue and Carl is addressing of what we already know but with his perspective. He adds people back story who committed petty crime but receive outrageous punishment to show example of how it absurd to have this thing in our modern day society.
Carl receive multiple awards for his journalism he receive Distinguished Reporting and the Aldo Beckman award which are the two most prestigious award
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The reason Carl talk about this ex-army, because he is a person the readers can sympathize with, a person who serve his country and was sentence to jail for a crime that is not a big offence. It is a very strong approach to have a sad story but it works in this case, it show that people need to see this as a bad thing as if we need to change the way people should be trial for a crime or more people like him will face serious punishment for petty …show more content…
We would save money if lesser offender were not in jail and keep the main offender who commit crimes like manslaughter and rape charges in jail instead of people who steals and doing stupid things, but we should not look over it instead make them do community service or something that is productive in our society. It is smart to bring up finical problem since now this involves everyone. People will read his article thinking that the money they pay for taxes could go into more important things then paying for people who are in jail or even better not paying for a lot more for

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