Petsmart SWOT Analysis Swot

This paper goes into great detail of the PetSmart corporation. It explains the background, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the PetSmart. In order to make an informed decision as to where the company is going it is imperative for this report to be updated usually every 6 months in order to stay ahead of the competition.
PetSmart SWOT Analysis
This paper is a detailed report of PetSmart; it includes the company background and SWOT. It will help in making any judgements as far as what needs to be done to help PetSmart become the number one company in its industry.
Company Background Founded in 1986 and 1987 at first it was called Pet Food Warehouse in Arizona by Jim and Janice Dougherty (PetSmart Public Relations ,
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Another strong point is the dog training facilities within every store with Accredited professional trainers, seven different training sessions along with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. Another type of strength would be the variety food they sell Dogs, Cats, small animals, fish the many different types consist of grain free, organic and natural any of the particular need your pet might need. With the PetSmart Charities, a total of over 400,000 pets are saved every year. Through finding lifelong homes and increasing spay and neuters to help reduce unplanned births. PetSmart Hotels offers twenty – four an hour, seven days a week supervision for cats and dogs. They even give out Pawgress reports so that the pet’s owner will be sure to come back again. Digital resources for pet parents (PetSmart, Inc, 2016)which includes,, and It is the biggest online pet supply and pet care information network in the United …show more content…
Petco has only opened stores in Mexico, so Europe is wide open for Pet Smart. They also need to try to make a stronger web presence in order to be able to compete with other companies, they have started towards that goal by using their Digital resources but they also need to focus on the actual selling website. Organic animal food would be a good investment since the incidents with the pet foods from China (Sagman, 2016), the owners have been more careful about what they give their pets so if PetSmart uses this information to expand to an Organic line of not only food but clothes for animals they would really sweep the market. Also, if they invest into more animal lines with famous personal they should explore more celebrities involved in animal rights, for example Miranda Lambert’s Mutt nation (Lambert, 2016), maybe even Betty White. If PetSmart would Help work with groups to train companion pets it would bring PetSmart more clients and some very good exposure. If Doggie Day care camps were expanded in more stores, such as smaller cities, it would be a good opportunity to secure a bigger client base. Smaller personal size stores would be able to compete with smaller store competitors, so that customers can feel like they have more personal attention. More interaction with local merchants and carrying some local merchandise in stores would be an asset

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