Petruchio Character Analysis Essay

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indeed talk to her and she does not care for him one bit but Petruchio tells his father that she is madly in love and her father does not even question it.
We see these characters as displayed as bad people at the beginning of the play for what we know of them know. Petruchio cares only for money and Katherine is a overly sour person who cares to the lowest extent about what anybody thinks of her. These characters do not stay the same. You see them being changes some forcefully and others so subtly we don’t see the change until it actually happened. This is where we see the meaning within the meaning of the play.
When Petruchio was asked to take Katherine. He accepted the challenge because she was a rich girl who was likely to make him richer for marrying her. He already knew she was going to be a challenge, nonetheless he took it upon himself to get married. He told the father and his only condition was that she love him back. Katherine absolutely disliked him but he maintained the
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She dramatically changes dynamic from what she was portrayed. We see that she dislikes her sister for being a little brat and her father for showing that she is his favorite out in the open. Katherine tries to block off people because she has this standard of being a bad person. This makes her fit the standard the rest of the people give to her. Petruchio goes out and decides to do what nobody else wanted to do. He did this to a success level that people were completely outstanded.
Petruchio decides to come late to the wedding and dressed with a peculiar dress style. This is his first total act of taming her. He does this and use a type of reverse psychology by saying that the sun is the moon and vise versa. He does this in effort to make her comply with everything he says. He also says that everything is too good for her. He only lets her have what she wants until she says please to her husband. He makes her a very obedient wife this

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