Peter The Great : A Successful Ruler Who Changed Russia Into A Dominant Power

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Peter Alexeyevich or as he is best known as, Peter the Great, is recognized from history as a very successful ruler who drastically changed Russia into a dominant power. Not only was Russia a large, almighty country with a strenuous character, Russia was from his reign on forth European. This transformation into a European Russian state was used to proclaim and emphasize the advancements, civility, and grandness Russia was and had become. Russia was no longer barbaric; it was a place of equivalence with the Western European countries, of envy, and as mentioned previously, grandeur. Peter the Great was generally very highly esteemed and as stated by John M. Thompson was known as being, “Determined to make Russia stronger and better, he worked as single-mindedly for education and science as he strove fiercely for victory in battle” (111).
But with strengths there are weaknesses and in regards to rulers there are typically two opposing sides, one which praises and one which condemns. There is no doubt that Peter was a significant, remarkable figure but his pitfalls are overlooked and undermined. Thompson very graciously listed numerous criticisms of Peter the Great such as; Peter’s reliance on coercion and aggression to convert Russia into a modern and western state, supposedly being for the people but in turn strengthening the power of the state and allowing serfdom to continue alongside this corrupt, powerful authority, and imposing the western culture in – despite the…

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