Peter Singer Animal Rights Analysis

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Any good life allows for equal opportunity. In the context of the Civil Rights Movement in the latter half of the 20th Century, the ability to participate, just as much as white men in politics, work, and social life, without discrimination, was one of the main goals of human rights organizations. When looking through the eyes of philosopher Peter Singer, equal opportunity is important when discussing animal rights and how to maintain the earth by ensuring the ethical treatment of all its inhabitants that have the capacity to feel emotion. The way humans affect each other and the world around them, as shown through these two movements, is important when considering what a good life is for everyone. My painting demonstrates the toll of inequality …show more content…
Singer acknowledges the similarities between the two when claiming, “From the very beginning of my writing on these issues, I have drawn parallels between racism, sexism, and speciesism... a dominant group develops an ideology that justifies treating outsiders in ways that are to its benefit. This ideology also disregards or discounts the interests of these outsiders…” (148). My art piece puts the effects of racism and speciesism on display. They human is on the outside of the jail cell with the giant wings stolen from the bird inside. It means to bring attention to the idea that the white man, or in theory just a powerful representation of a biased authority, takes away the only power of the people that are seeking equal rights and animals that need ethical treatment. Without the component of equality in a good life, oppression is a very serious threat. Even though these biases inhibit the actions of distinct groups, they all do it in the same way: they allow people to believe the interests of the dominant group are more valid than those of the people who are trying their best to speak up for what they need. This is certainly evident in both animal rights and the Civil Rights Movement. When racist and speciesist groups of people tried to use the fact that animals can’t talk and therefore it doesn’t matter what happens to them or that since African Americans aren’t able to pass the extremely unequal and unregulated literacy tests to be able to vote, they don’t deserve to be voting member of an supposedly equal society, all their causes are then invalidated by an ignorant patriarchy that is resistant to any change that doesn’t benefit them in any way. A good life is founded on equality without the biases of racism and speciesism that are perpetuated in everyday American

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