Essay on Peter Drucker

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Peter Drucker
Annotated Bibliography
Straub.R ‘Honouring the life and works of Peter Drucker’ Emerald Article (Online). Available at: (Accessed: 11 February).
Peter Drucker’s management philosophy was, and is still considered to this present day as revolutionary, described as a man ‘Who could see around corners’ Richard Straub briefly discusses how history was a prominent and integral element to all Drucker wrote. The article emphases Drucker’s ambition to shape and influence management theory and practice, he once quoted ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’. The article outlines not only how Drucker has created management strategies
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The article examines in close detail Drucker’s identification of the ‘manager’ with many characteristics we can relate to in modern day organisations. The article is useful as it study’s the development of Peter Drucker’s theory and makes a convincing case as to why he is viewed by many as ‘the founding father of the study of management’

J.Bowman,D.Wittmer ‘The unfashionable Drucker: ethical and quality chic’ Emerald (Online). Available at: (Accessed: 16 February)
In this article Bowman & Wittmer discuss potential weaknesses in Drucker’s writings on management. Bowman & Wittmer convey from the outset the opinion that ‘Ethics and quality are core aspects of an organisation’ something they have come to realise from the few essays he has written on these core elements, Peter Drucker takes a ‘Sceptical and suspicious of contemporary’ approach to them, even though he stated that ethics and social responsibility were important in management. Bowman & Wittmer Explore how Drucker believes there is one code of ethics that applies to all persons and institutions however claim Drucker fails to address ethics and quality in his writings. The article concludes that being such a large contributor to the

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