Essay about Peter Barber 's Vampires, Burial, And Death

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In Paul Barber’s Vampires, Burial, and Death, he discusses the very early sightings or cases of vampirism, like Andre Paole and Peter Pologojowitz, and, we,as readers get a sense of the core features that make a vampire so interesting. Characteristics such as reanimation, state after death, epidemics and prevention, as described many testimonials, including the two in Barber’s book, are the most fascinating to me.

The idea of death epidemics that surrounds the town in each vampire sighting is really thought-provoking. Although this isn’t a direct feature of a vampire, it is something that often is seen in vampire cases. When the so called vampire would die and began to haunt the town, others always start to follow until almost the whole town is dead. WHile the people from the cases blame the vampire, as they always do, the real reason for these deaths is what I find notable and compelling. Much like the time people thought the sun revolved around earth, the time of these vampire sightings was before the understanding of germs and contagious diseases. It was easy for people back then to blame mysterious deaths on a tangible person who first contracted the disease rather than invisible germs.

The concept of a vampire as an immortal soul or body is interesting, if not terrifying. The case of Andre Paole starts with his death. After falling off a haywagon and snapping his neck, he was declared dead, that is until he began visiting his relatives and preying on the living. The…

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