Peta 's Most Attention Grabbing Efforts For Save Turkeys Essay

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PETA, which stands for people for the ethical treatment of animals, promotes animal rights and gives voice to this movement, however most of their advertising is unethical because of the use of false information, overly sexualized women, and content used to scare little kids. For example, imagine that you’re walking down the street with your kids when you see a Thanksgiving ad from PETA. The ad looks fine to you, but your children look petrified. Instead of seeing a mom carving a turkey for her family like you do, they see a mom butchering a live turkey with a maniacal look in her eye and blood splattered everywhere. This is because the advertisement changes appearance if you’re less than 4 feet 3 inches, as noted by Michelle Kretzer in her article “PETA’s Most Attention-Grabbing Efforts to Save Turkeys”. Do you believe advertisements like this are ethical?
In the 1950s and 1960s people started to take an interest in the animal rights movement and it started to gain popularity and impact in society. As noted by Matusitz and Forrester in their paper “The animal rights movement is grounded in the philosophical contemplation of the purpose, nature and value of animals, paired with the nature of rights and their possessors.” Once PETA was created in the 1980s, the organization found an answer to this philosophical contemplation by stating, “Animals should not be consumed in any capacity.” As mentioned by Welch in her article “Fur Flies in PETA’s Fight for Animals, this means:

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