Pet The Ethical Treatment Essay examples

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The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, are the most well-known animal rights group in the world. Through campaigns, commercials and advertisements, PETA has grabbed the attention of the public eye, and refuses to let go until their message is fully embraced. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a bad thing. After all, PETA’s message is pretty clean-cut, and advocates for an issue that many wouldn’t disagree with. On the surface, the organization stands for benefitting animals worldwide. This would be great if PETA wasn’t as twisted as it is. Patty Stran, president of the National Animal Interest Alliance states that “The Animal Rights Movement is moving in an altogether different direction from what the American public would support if they understood what they’re really about”, and she’s right. Beneath their animal-friendly, peace-loving exterior, PETA is ultimately a hypocritical, destructive company that has walked the road to hell paved with surface-level good intentions; Their message of ethicality is ultimately skewed by their support of methods and outright madness that gives their company such a terrible reputation, and hurts animal welfare as a result.
To fully understand the problems with PETA, one first needs to be familiar with their goals. Many know that their most basic goal is to lessen, or eliminate animal cruelty. The president herself, Ingrid Newkirk, begins her organization 's introduction with “Do you want animals to suffer? Didn’t…

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