Pestle Analysis - Waitrose Essay

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PESTLE Analysis - Waitrose
Political Factors
If we want to analyse the political factors which impact upon the company we need to make a general view of the situation in the country. What are its law and requirements?
Waitrose is a company which employees a lot of people and they are affected of the Employment Law. They are not paying less than the minimum wage and all of their workers are with immaculate labour contracts. There is a range of shift patterns which are in accordance with the Working Time Regulations for the people how want to work there. Overtime work is paid as well.
Waitrose`s workers are with fully employment rights. They are working in safety and healthy environment. All of the stores are fire safety and secure as
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The supermarket industry understand the need of cash and now we can see more often offers like `buy one get one free` or `buy two get three` which are trying to stimulate the clients to spent more money in the shop.
Good way to cope with the crisis is to find alternative for the most expensive products. And that is what Waitrose did. They offer cheap caviar alternative - `It looks and tastes like caviar but unlike the world's most prized delicacy, the latest product to be launched at supermarket chain Waitrose costs just £4.55 for 55g as opposed to their St James Caviar which costs £145 for 50g`. accessed 20/03/2011

Financial crisis is the reason for less bonuses and rewards for the employers. It impact upon the number of employers as well. To sort out the problem with the lack of money for worker`s payments a lot of companies increase the communication to them about their pay. Not only Waitrose reduced the salaries and eliminate or reduce same trainings. The most of the companies in the world downgraded or canceled their holyday parties and cut down their expenses.
Technological Factors
Technology is something very important and it is already part of our life. We can see it everywhere – on the street, at home and even in the supermarket.
Waitrose as many others shops

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