Essay Pestle Analysis : An Organization

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PESTLE Analysis
A PESTLE analysis is effectively an analysis of an organisations environmental influences (CIPD 2015). Included in this analysis are factors such as political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental all of which when analysed create a knowledge and help manage the macro-environment of an organisation. Please find PESTLE analysis of CP in appendices (appendix 2) and below an extract of the most important PESTLE aspects regarding training issues within CP.
Center Parcs primarily operate in a politically stable country (UK) in which provides consistency and reliability for the company through government intervention, taxation and regulatory factors. CP aims for consistency across all parks so being in such a country runs alongside the organisations strategic aims and objectives well.
Center Parcs are extremely environmentally conscious, recognising their corporate responsibility towards the environment and the protection of their surroundings. CP have made massive progress towards their strategic sustainability targets; Including a massive reduction in general waste (-15%) and an increase of recycled goods (+2.5%) from the previous years (Center Parcs 2016).
The development and construction within a woodland environment. There are many protected species that could potentially halt works form progressing. For example, a project to build new lodges at Whinfell is on hold as a certain type of newts were found in the area. CP have to obey the law…

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