Pestel Analysis Essay

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I- Political factors
1. Government stability and likely changes
Poland’s political landscape has evolved into a stable democracy since the fall of communism in the country. Its strong foreign policy assures it political and economic security. Ever since the setting up of a democratic framework, various governments of Poland have undertaken initiatives to privatize companies in several industries. The government is in the process of privatizing numerous financial institutions, as well as companies in the power, chemical, and petroleum sectors. The privatization of companies
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(Poland tax guide, Marzar report)

3. Regualation/ De-regulation
The Polish government is defined and controlled by Constitution (adopted in 1997), which is the supreme law of the land. The sources of universally binding law in the Republic of Poland are:

* The Constitution * Statutes * Ratified international agreements * Regulations.

Poland is a republic. The governing system of Poland is based on the separation and balance of powers between legislative, executive and judicial branches.
4. Trade control
Until recently, foreign trade was a state monopoly under the control of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. After World War II, the orientation of Polish trade shifted from Western and Central European countries to Eastern Europe. This changed with the dissolution of the Soviet-bloc CMEA in 1991. In December of that year, Poland signed an association agreement with the EC (now the EU) and by 2000, 70% of its exports and 61% of its imports were going to EU members. Poland also fosters trade through its membership in the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), which includes Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the Slovak Republic.
All Polish companies are taxable on their worldwide income. Non-resident companies are taxable

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