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Unit: BO1COAC216 Cost Accounting
Program: Bachelor of Business

Trimester 1, 2015

The unit introduces cost accounting and enables students to explain its roles in efficient resources allocation. Students will be introduced to the traditional and modern approaches to costing for evaluation in decision making and profitability analysis. The role of cost accounting in performance appraisal is examined and investigated by analyzing the various topics presented. Overall, the unit will assist students in an understanding of how learning cost accounting techniques and procedures can better serve the company as a whole.

Level | Undergraduate | Credit Points | 6 |
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(b) Select devise and apply different types of cost allocation and explain their different roles for supporting strategic managerial decision making. (c) Design and prepare budgets and explain feedback analysis and strategic control. (d) Discuss various approaches to performance evaluation and control in various types of organisations and devised and evaluate simple indicators of performance. (e) Discuss the changing role of management accounting.

GRADUATE ATTRIBUTES 1. Discipline specific knowledge and skills 2. Critical, analytical and integrative thinking 3. Problem solving and research skills 4. Oral and written communication skills 5. Self-management and independent learning skills 6. Ability to work effectively in a team

ASSESSMENT OVERVIEW Assessment Type | When assessed | Weighting (100%) | Class Test | Week 5 | 25% | Group Project | Week 10 | 25% | Final Examination | Exam Period | 50% |

In order to pass this unit, you must: * Obtain an aggregate mark of at least 50; and * Make a satisfactory attempt at all assessment tasks. Kent Policies |

Some of the Institute’s policies are in the Student Handbook.
You may wish to view these policies: * Attendance and Academic Progress * Advanced Standing * Assessment Tasks * Grading System * Appeals * Review of grade policy * Special Consideration *

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